Shotblasting machines

Ferro-Term is polish exclusive agent of PANGBORN Group - a world leader in the field of metal surface treatment. We provide vast choice of shot blasting and shot peening machines produced by Group members: Pangborn Europe, Vogel&Schemmann, Pangborn-SES and Berger.

Offered machines

  • Barrel blast machines
  • Continous barrel blast machines
  • Bogie Work Cars machines
  • Tumblast machines
  • Machines with roller conveyor
  • Machines with monorail conveyor
  • Special machines

Wheel shotblasting

Shot thrown by blast wheels is currently the most common method of metal surface preparation.

Wheel shotblasting machines use the kinetic energy of rotating blades to throw shot with high speed. Blasting have been applied in various industries i.e. steel and iron casting, metalworking, shipbuilding and forgery.

Pneumatic shotblasting

Method of surface preparation where shot is being ejected by means of compressed air energy.

Shot stream may be directed at any designated place during pneumatic blasting. In addition, the flow is concentrated what makes it easier to reach difficult accessible places.


In any application where increased strength of material is required the shotpeening process is highly recommended.

In contrast to other methods of surface preparation, which may result in shortening the life of the workpiece, peening guarantees its extension by strengthening its surface. Our equipment for surface strengthening is being used in aerospace, automotive, petroleum and construction industry.