About the company

Ferro-Term began its activity in 1989. Since its beginnings, is managed by three equal-share co-owners. Company is located in central Poland, in the city of Lodz. In 2009 new branch was launched - foundry plant in Topola Królewska near Łęczyca town. Years of experience allowed to develop stabile structure and focus efforts in three areas:

casting industry

Ceramic foam filters - company is the only Polish manufacturer of ceramic foam filters for iron, steel, aluminium and copper alloys

Refractories - Polish representative of Allied Mineral Products, manufacturer of high-quality refractory materials for ladles, induction furnaces, arc furnaces and cupolas linings.

Iron and steel foundry - modern foundry plant offers grey iron, ductile iron, carbon steel and alloy steel castings

Shotblasting machines - exclusive agent of Pangborn Group - a world leader in the field of metal surface treatment.

Conveyor technology

Wide choice plates, rollers and other products of engineering plastics, agency of hinged steel belts manufacturer, plastics and conveyors.

Consulting and new technologies implementation

Ferro-Term cooperates with companies from Germany, Netherlands, Italy and the United States on the Polish market by transferring the latest material technologies.
An independent company with manufacturing facilities, warehouses, own transport and ability to conduct research and development projects.
Company organizes conferences and meetings where the latest news are presented for customers. The company employs technical and economic personnel with knowledge of foreign languages​​, mainly English and German.